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"Lounge87 ltd."

MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER AGREEMENT, website owned by 'Lounge87 ltd.',with registered office in Christodoulou Chatzipavlou, 205 Lemesos, 3036 Cyprus, represented for the purposes of this act in the person of his legal representative pro tempore Lounge87 ltd. (Custodian of Records), who hereby declares and guarantees he/she holds all necessary rights and powers to conclude the present contract (hereafter denominated “Licencee”).

Granted that


- the Photographer is the sole creator of the photographic works (hereafter, for the sake of simplicity, denominated “the service”) for the production of audiovisual material for publishing on the website (hereafter denominated “the campaign”);

- The Campaign will have no national limits;

- the Licencee intends to use and to obtain financial profit from the photographic service through its display, publication and sale online, without territorial restrictions, through the internet site;

- the Photographer agrees to concede to the Licencee non-exclusive licence to use the photographic service;

- The agreement between the parties is governed by the present contract;


The licence is valid for a period of two years from the date of signature of this contract, tacitly re newable for a further period at its expiry except in the case of written abrogation at least two months before expiry.


- Monthly Reward: The Site offers a financial incentive to all Photographers each month. In detail: SQ monthly revenues x artist's SQ views / total SQ views x 70% = artist payout

- SQ hard copy (magazine, books) contributors receive on net revenues: Photographers 40% Models 20%.

- Merchandise (prints, posters, t-shirts, etc.): Publishing owners receive ninety-seven percent (97%) of the net value for each item sold using their respective copyright

- Contests photographer 60% model 30%

In the framework of the Site's content, the User will be able to set up fee-paying, photographic competitions ("Contests") open to all Artists.

- Crowd-Funding

All Models registered on the Site may, at their own discretion, request payment to promote their own profile.


Payments will be made within 60 days of endorsement (end of contest, end of month, receipt of


Please consult the Terms of Service for detailed information.

it is agreed as follows

Article 1) Rights conceded

The photographer concedes to the Licencee, who accepts, the right to reproduce and use the photographic service for commercial gain by its production, distribution, sale, publicity and all forms of product merchandising in the framework of internet site

The merchandising licence is non-exclusive, given that the Photographer may use or concede to third parties licence for merchandising of similar or analogous products.

The licence on the photographic service shall not include the "Photographer" copyright, which remains entirely his property.

The photographic service shall not be copied in any way or by any means, for any purpose other than that described in the present Contract, without the written permission of the Photographer.

The licence is conceded for a period of two years from the date of signature of the contract, with tacit renewal for a further period at the expiry date, in the absence of written notice to be sent two months in advance of the expiry date.

Article 2) Performance modalities

The Licencee shall not modify the photographic service in any way without the advance written consent of the Photographer, other than for the inclusion in the images of the watermark of the internet site

Article 3) Negatives

Whenever custody of the negatives to the Licencee is essential for the dissemination of the photographic service, the Licencee shall undertake such custody with the maximum of professional diligence.

Article 4) Distribution and communication

The Licencee undertakes to distribute and publicise the products in such a way as to cause no harm to the reputation of the "Photographer"

In particular, as concerns distribution, this shall be carried out in the following way and through the following channels: online, hard copy, DVD, book, eBook or any other platform, present or future. The Photographer consents to the use of his name and his image by the Licencee for promotional purposes, insofar as this is carried out in such a way as to cause no harm to his reputation and dignity. Dissemination and promotion of the products may be undertaken through use of the photographic service itself, without it being printed on any product, so long as this is done in the full respect of the reputation and dignity of the Photographer, and without the Licencee acquiring rights over brand, firm or logo through such direct use

Article 5) General conditions

Any modification to the present Contract, in order to be valid and effective, shall be in written form and shall be signed at least by the party affected.

Surrender of the Contract by either Party is expressly forbidden.

All communications relating to the present Contract shall be in writing, including through digital means.

Article 6) Choice of domicile and withholding tax exemption

The Parties specify their domicile for all purposes relating to the present contract, including eventual legal notifications and communications to the residence address indicated above.

In signing the following contract; I declare that I am a taxpayer in my above-mentioned country of residence and I will produce further certification of this in the eventi it is requested by the authorities.

Article 7) Exemption from Responsibility

Neither the site nor the entity which manages it, nor its personnel, are responsible, in civil or in penal law, for any damage caused to persons or property before, during or after the performance of the photo-shoot, which is independent of and separate to the activity of the site itself.

Article 8) Compensation

By registering on the Site, the Photographer will be entitled to access its content, and more specifically: Contest, Commissioned photography, Merchandise, Hard Copy and Monthly Reward
Payments will be made within 60 days of endorsement (end of contest, end of month, receipt of donations). Payments will be made online through Paypal or by bank transfer (transaction costs shall be borne by the beneficiary). The minimum amount payable shall be equivalent to 150$; should the amount be less than this it shall be kept pending and added to other credits until the minimum amount of 150$ is reached.

Monthly Reward

The Site offers a financial incentive to all Artists each month. Visits are automatically calculated by the Site and the totals are visible on the profile of each Photographer. Each (paying) User may visit each Model/Photographer once a day, and this visit will be automatically registered on the profile of the Model/Photographer, each time the User opens a content (video or album) created by the Model/Photographer.

The Monthly Reward is calculated thus: website monthly revenues multiply per artist's ShinyQueens monthly views divided per total ShinyQueens monthly views multiply per seventy percent. The total is the artist payout.

- Hard copy (magazines and books): Artists receive sixty percent (60%), of the net revenues based on magazine sales. The net profit is shared between Artists registered on and involved in the magazine publishing.

How we pay SQ hard copy (magazine, books) contributors: Models (if any): (magazine net revenues multiplied by the number of photographer's published pictures divided by total number of published pictures in a given published magazine) multiplied by sixty percent (60%). multiplied by twenty percent (20%). Photographers: a forty percent (40%) payout is given by sixty percent (60%) to SQ Artists minus twenty percent (20%) to SQ models represented, if any.

- Merchandise (prints, posters, t-shirts, etc.): Publishing owners receive ninety-seven percent (97%) of the net value for each item sold using their respective copyright.

The above percentages do not include processing costs; such costs will be charged on the Artists payout.

The signatory declares they have read and approve specifically: articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


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