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Community Guidelines

Can I update/remove my info from

Yes, in 48h we will provide to destroy all your personal information. Note; all media material will remain available on the website for 2 years since you were approved.

How is my personal information collected?

Your personal information is stored in offline devices, so don't worry, they will never be published and used without your permission. You can ask to unsubscribe from SQ at any time and you personal Information will be destroyed. Just send an email to

Can my contract change in the future?

Yes, the world is in movement and so are we, but we will inform you about contract changes at least one month in advance to the date the changes will take effect.

Why you need my personal information?

because the law requires us to. we want to make the application process as easy and fast as possible, but unfortunately some steps are compulsory

I'm a SQ model, can you promote my personal website?

of course. we are more than happy to help your personal activity, for that reason we give you tools such as crowdfunding !

Is there an upper age limit to apply to ShinyQueens?

Lower limits are 18+, 21+ in certain countries

Upper limits; no, Beauty is not a number. beauty doesn't have an age

Is ShinyQueens only for professional models?

No, we accept all women without distinctions.

Do I have to be tall to apply?

No, there is no height limit

Can I use your logo on my website?

Yes, if you have been accepted as a ShinyQueens model!

Logos or Watermarks allowed?

Our uploader automatically adds logos to the images so please do not add any logos or watermarks.


This is a fashion website, so basically shiny wear is compulsory.
ShinyQueens is a fashion website photos must be taken with good taste for example
no animals in any case or form
no blood even fake
no symbols related to religious or political party
no dirty stuff
no sex
playful doesn’t mean dirty

Nude photos?

Yes, are accepted and it’s about you. the same nude as you can find on a fashion catwalk or in a fashion magazine.