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What’s ShinyQueens?

ShinyQueens is a fashion community Shiny because is basically about shiny wear: latex, pvc, leather. Queens because is made for Queens! ShinyQueens is; elegance, sensuality, playfulness. ShinyQueens is a virtual place where you can meet people with the passion for shiny wear, good taste and art. ShinyQueens offers tools to support: models, stylists, photographers. ShinyQueens is open to all women. For more detailed information: check out our F.a.q. and guideline pages. Thank you

How can ShinyQueens support an artist's work? Which tools are offered and how do they work?


Paying users may create contests. You can find contests here
Contests have a theme, which is decided by the users that create the contest. Users can be a fashion house or a SQ member.
You can voluntary subscribe your album to any contest you want, just be sure the album you submit respects the Users request.
Just click on the contest you like and click 'submit my album' then chose the album you want to submit to the contest.
At the contest deadline you will know if your album has been chosen as the winner album. You will receive 90% of the contest value, 10% will be hold for cover Paypal transaction cost and commissions.

Monthly Reward

The idea behind the monthly reward is to generate a monthly income for the most active and performing models on SQ, in a transparent and meritocratic way.
Registered members visiting your profile (as well as; album, posts, videos) increase the visit counter on your profile (the eye icon below the picture on your profile)
The counter is public and automated for guaranteed transparency. Every Artist (models and photographers) receives a % on SQ net revenues.
Artists payout in detail:
SQ monthly revenues x artist’s SQ views / total SQ views x 70% = artist payout
The visits are summed daily. Every registered member has a visit list for every Artist, every day. It already counts, when a user just opens your page. Just keep your profile updated to increase visits, post photos, videos - even made with your cell phone, to increase your popularity.

Commissioned photography/Crowd funding

We want to support your work, your project, your wishes. For that reasons we have created Commissioned photography/crowd-funding tools. For that reasons we have created crowd-funding tools perfectly integrated to the website. In your profile (right side) you will find an icon “Crowns”, just push the button “fill a request” complete with your request and users may send you money through this functions. Users may buy “crowns” (1 crowns=1$) you will receive 90% of the donations, 10% is held for cover transaction costs and fees.

How do I receive money?

Through Paypal (recommended more on Or by bank wire (there will be additional costs depending on your location. bank wires to Europe, S.E.P.A. Aera, are free of charge. Please contact us for more information)